Sultana Citizen Tv show is the new movie series that is Premiered on the National Television. It comes exactly at 7.30 to 8.00 PM.

Below it the full Calendar updates, days on which you should not miss watching your favourite show on Citizen tv. Also on Viusasa you can re-view the play any day and time after purchasing a video subscription.

Citizen Tv also allows an Omnibus Show on Saturday playing all the weekly Full episodes with both part 1 and 2 back to back at 5 PM.

Like in the previous shows where fans still cry for Maria and Zora season 2. We update till the end, last episode in Season finale.

Citizen tv is a home of talents. Apart from Shows other platforms they grow talents are on,

1. Skiza na citizen – A Skiza tune platform for promoting musicians in the country.

2. Kali ni Kali – A local music show


Sultana Citizen Tv 18th March

Sultana Citizen Tv 17th March

Sultana Citizen Tv 16th March

Sultana Citizen Tv 15th March

Sultana Citizen Tv 14th March

Sultana Citizen Tv 11th March

In the beginning of the show, Bi Ua is deep into thoughts. She seems not to be in for any comment be it positive.

Bi salama after paying a visit she decides to leave ahead of the main celebration. After she insists, Major Jabali orders Mwanzele to give her a goat present.

Bi Ua is notified to be at the celebration square ready for the party.

Bi Salama arrives at home with a goat. Zuu is suspicious about everything. She is even more confused about the goat. As she continues to think about it, Babu passes by.

He jokes about Zuu making the Coconut but she is not for it in her heart. She has really missed the party at Major Jabali’s home since her hobby is eating. According to Babu Salama has not done justice to Zuu.

Major Jabali: He thanks everyone for accepting the invitation and visiting. He shows Ua how many people have turned up and that is a symbol kings birth. Ua on the other hand reviews how the journey has been. She once thought of being stuck on the way but thanks God all ended up well.

Bi Salama the Midwife visits Children home. She has gone to seek the upkeep of the child. Unfortunately she is asked to go take care of the child herself.

Buya is not happy. He also leaves the celebration without even signalling his wife.

The Party

Bi Ua is received as a VIP.

Sultana Citizen Tv 10th March

Sultana Citizen Tv 9th March

Sultana Citizen Tv 8th March

Sultana Citizen Tv 7th March

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