When will Maria Citizen Tv Season 2 start? This a decision that should be made by a Giffy Productions.

As the show lovers have lifted their cry implying how they loved the show, it is now fresh to state that Maria was a star and should be featured in any other show on Citizen tv.

In Zora Citizen Tv today we can still feel the talents after Kwame, Yolah and Madiba of Zora were poached from Maria show. The many silent and diminished talents that should be brought back include.

1. Luwi, Brian Martins: He played his role perfectly as a staring in love with binti wa kichaa. He was seen to be a confused man after failing to choose a wife from a well up family.

2. Vanessa and Brenda: These we the Queens in the show. With all slay behaviour, the show was lit with their controversial love stories.

3. Bindi: We can’t wait to see and feel the show role-played by Bondi as thee staring. Bondi in Maria was a bully who used is body size to grab things from friends.

According to the fans demand, Citizen tv News Anchor Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah should revisit their demands. They should try to conduct a survey and find out which actors and actresses should feature in the next show.

After confirming out this a new Citizen Tv Show auditions should be advertised to incorporate other upcoming artists in the society.

Comparing Zora and Maria we can finalise that the show are both hot. Just to have another popular one combine and make a collaboration happen between Zora and Maria actors and actresses.

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