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Education Ministry hints slight changes to the 2022 Academic Calendar 1 month to KNEC Examinations


As the National examinations revolve at the class 8 and form four classroom door steps, The ministry has hinted possible changes to the 2022 academic calendar. The major cause of the changes being to give way for the administration and supervision of the final exams.

Recently The Cabinet Secretary in company with other stakeholders flew abroad to check on exam readiness.

According to the Ministry all learners have resumed into their school for the third term. They have already covered the first half of the term remaining with 5 weeks. The third term has 9 weeks only unlike the previous terms that Consume 10 weeks. Term three started January 5th 2022 and will end 4rth March 2022.

After that the Students in Class 8 will enter the KCPE period which starts on 7th March to 10th March 2022. It will be 4 days.

After the KCPE is completed the Students in Class 8 will now give way for Form four to as KNEC shifts goals to examine the Fourth class in Secondary.

According to the KCSE Examination Timetable the exam period will take 3 weeks starting on 11th March to 1st April 2022.

Then it follows the marking period that will keep teachers on toes expected to mark millions of papers within 3 weeks. This will be from 4rth April to 22nd April 2022.

During this period all the other students will be enjoying their resting time of 7 weeks after a packed back to back 2021 Academic year.

The Education Ministry squeezed the weeks together giving learners only 1 weeks holiday unlike the previous One month to cover the Lost time during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year is set to be a historic year where learners will cover 4 learning terms within one year. The ministry has hinted that the dates may be altered to fit the Education needs. The ministry also expects to reschedule the calendar in order to normalize by end of 2023.

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