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Duncan Ochonjo’s Burial, Date and Place as the Body is Ferried to Nyakach

Tv actor and Tiktoker Duncan Ochonjo, who passed on after ailing, is set for burial. His body has been transported from Nairobi to his home in Nyakach Kisumu county, where it will be laid to rest on Saturday, 27th May 2023.

“TV actor Tony Duncan Ochonjo will be laid to rest on Saturday, May 27, in Nyakach.” Nyarkochia Posts

Nyarkochia shared the burial updates on Facebook. She is a co-actor in a Ramogi Tv show. Fans have expressed their heartfelt condolence promising to miss him.

“I can’t imagine watching nyarkochia on Ramogi TV without this guy. Featured on Nyarkochia as MCA  Brian. A luminary in the world of comedy, we will indeed miss Duncan Ochonjos  infectious humour. Kweli life is too short nowadays.” Duncan Ochonjo fan shares condolence message on Twitter.

Duncan Ochonjo’s body ferried to Kisumu for burial.

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