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Dp’s Wife Rachel Ruto donates: Food, Waterbags, clothes and shoes in Segera Laikipia North Constituency

H.E Rachel Ruto is the wife to the Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto. Today Segera residents from Laikipia Constituency have cried tears of joy after she remembered them.

Rachel Ruto has shared some basic with tye less fortunate in the region.

It was my pleasure to interact and empower residents of Segera through donation of food, waterbags, clothes and shoes as well as a medical camp in Laikipia North Constituency, laikipia Town.

Rachel Ruto

Some of the things donated include:

  1. Foodstuff
  2. Waterbags
  3. Clothes
  4. Shoes
  5. A medical camp

Food insecurity

She issued a statement on food insecurity. This has been tye major national calamity that has lead to loss of human and animal lives.

Food insecurity is a rapidly expanding problem in Kenya, where the country’s drought is putting millions of people at risk of hunger. Climate change and unreliable weather patterns have harmed agricultural yields, driving the subsistence farmers deeper into poverty .

She continues

Women Livelihood

From her passion to improve women’s lives, H.E Rachel Ruto could not finish without stating anything concerning women. She indicated the need for social and economic policy intervention to develop women’s life.

Her suggestion advice on the matter.

There are opportunities for social and economic policy interventions to improve women’s livelihoods. This can be done by leveraging their increased participation in dryland agriculture.
Because of the tremendous consequences of climate change, globalization, and decreased food production, agriculture in these areas is altering dramatically.

Rachel Ruto finishes her statement.

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