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Dp Ruto dismisses DCI probe on 2008 PEV cases

DP Ruto dismisses DCI probe on 2008 post-poll violence cases, claims it’s an attempt to resuscitate tribe project destroyed by the hustler movement.

He reacted to the DCIs meeting with the media And filing of the new cases fro the PEV victims.


1. For some old man to win the next election kenyans have to be divided along tribal lines kikuyus cannot unite with kalenjins the agenda now now is to create divisiveness. what better way than to orchestrate tribal antagonism? Baba kamuulize tena mganga wako

2. How does electoral violence tie up with tribe? Let’s not look at crime in terms of tribe. What would happen in Rwanda if they started seeing tribe behind the suspects? It’s the people who committed crimes who should worry


3. The victims of PEV deserve justice but the timing and manner of the proceedings is suspect and subject to questions

4. Institutions should be given their independence to work.Undue ttacks undermine their operations. Let each person concentrate on their roles.

5. You dont just wish away this 2007-8 tribe project: the African formality of a marriage is “live cows”, that of violent rustling is “reparations”. Now you know!

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