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Dp Ruto: All Stakeholders want a Consensus on the BBI

Dp William Ruto has urged the HANDSHAKE fraternity to open ways for a consensus meeting that will bring all issues affecting the Kenya involvement into the BBI REPORT.

He said all stakeholders ie. Pastoralists who had a meeting today with The former Prime minister RAILA ODINGA, The church, Women and the Senate are all advocating for an inclusive meeting.

All the issues affecting the public including the HUSTLERS as Dp says must be addressed but not only added Political positions in the Government.


Pastoralist(PPG),the church(NCCK),women, Senate and other stakeholders want consensus on the Bbi. Its a contradiction to want to amend the Constitution while refusing to amend a mere report (bbi). Its defeatist to build walls to shut others out while purporting to build bridges.


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