Zora and Madiba break up

Zora the main character in the show at longlasting breaks up her short time love with Madiba. Zora who happened to Love Madiba was once the wife to Fellah. Fellah gave zora some of the relationship lessons that she may keep on referring to when ever she wants to make a decision.

From The previous episodes Zoras mother inlaw caution her to think of the consequences of the steps she is about to make. As she said her move into Nanas wedding was as a result of love,,,, she had some questions that she failed to answer.

  1. If this is about Love then what about Children challenges.
  2. What about extented family.

Zora May have thought about it and seen that she needs to take her time. Her father also asked her to go and sort her problems with Fellah before he gives a go ahead. This id what forces Zora to send Madiba out of her house.

Nana Cries to Mama Zora

Nana now the new rival to Zora is busy gathering all Zora’s enemies in order to fight back. She has Fellah at her side now looking for Mama Zora.

Hamidah and Master Making Love.

Hamidah and Master Make Love

Zora citizen tv show Today,,,, Hamidah and Master make new love. The two had love before but it did not work out. The have now loved each other. The relationship makes Master to give her back the necklace that he was left by his Late Mother.

The few questions we ask ourselves and never get answers

1. Why did Zora have to show up in Nanas wedding?
2. Can’t she feel the pain for making Madiba homeless?
3. Will Madiba love her again?
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