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Zora Citizen Tv show latest full Episode Tuesday 29th June 2021


This is a joyful girl to Madiba. Their sound once they start singing moves Madiba to be emotional.

The girls are too respectful to their parents. This is to be emulated by many children who love Zora Citizen Tv show.

They are also talented. Lilah and Fillah are top singers. The have angelic voice. They are also quick learners. The earn Nana quick positive trust to everyone who they interact with.

Zora Citizen Tv show Full Episode Narration: 30th June 2021


Madiba is too emotional one he hears his little angels sing with their exclusive voices and emotions.

Madiba feels too bad and guilty of killing his wife. Although it was not intentional but he drove while drunk.

He broke one of the most important road rules. “DON’T DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL.”

Zora Citizen Tv show latest full Episode released 1st July 2021


Zora is not really at rest after facing the negative side of her husband Fellah.

Fellah has been one of the worst mistakes Zora has ever encountered in her life.

Worst things Fellah did to Zora

1. Fellah Cheated on Zora in marriage. He spend time with other women forgetting to be married.

2. Fellah Kidnapped Simba. This is the worst thing to do to your loved child and wife. In fact your wife will never forgive you if you harm her child or show intention of doing so.

Zora Citizen Tv show latest full Episode Tomorrow 2nd July 2021


Loretta is a noisy truthful lady. She knows her stand though her only problem is that she doesn’t know how to handle issues. She thinks her noise and toughness can solve her issues with her inlaw and brother Oliver.

She forgets that she threatens people who finances her studies and shelter her.

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