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Discouraging news as Djs and Presenters embrace explicit content music as hit songs

Discouraging news emerge as Kenyan presenters and DJs embrace bad music. Kenyan music makers have been hit by the way their songs have been received in the nation through the media houses.

Recently a popular Comedian Eric Omondi presented a petition to the Parliament to have a policy that govern how Kenyan music should gain airplays. In his petition he is pushing for 80% Kenyan music play.

But this is not positively supported by Kenyan media houses and Deejays. This is mostly evident through the way music is embraced. As the saying goes Action speaks louder than words, we have heard music being played even more than 10 times a day. That is a good thing but what is alarming is the content.

Most of the songs played cannot be watched by a complete family sitting on a round table. The contents in the music is either linked to phonographic or immoral behaviours like Alcoholic consumption.


Songs Pombe, are the ones carrying the title hit songs but the only place they can be 100% be played with no doubt is in the clubs. The message in this activity has driven good gospel singers like Bahati and WillyPaul kick their gospel talents away and welcome the the most loved. This is just to switch to the most played content since they still want to remain relevant to the music players and not to the consumers.

Kenya has so many musicians with enough music to get 100% airplay. And if not enough then this will push them to spend sleepless nights to ensure media houses have enough content for their shows and entertainment.

But small thinkers we recently heard on media criticising their own. But who are we to push then and we understand very well that Prophet are never honoured in their own country.

It is a high time Kenya Films Board to start playing their roles perfectly. They should sample all songs starting from the misleading Genge Tone tunes to the Pombe content. This will help to clean up the recent rotten generation.

Effects off the current waves of music playing is to the younger generation. Just through sampling out the content recent hitting the social media is a genge video by the Kenya Red bracelets group that was boasting about their graduation. The young boys were celebrating the graduation but as the genge and Sheng’ language came out sounded as a threat to citizens. This explains how music can mislead and affect a child.

Kenyan Djs should create a policy by themselves not to play music that contains misleading, explicit and phonographic content. By doing this musicians will start making and writing educative contents.

Tambua Africa Reporter

Blogger and news writer at Tambua Africa News.

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