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Deputy President William Ruto tours Lodwar (Turkana, Karamoja, Nyangatom and Dassanach)

Deputy President William Ruto tours Lodwar. His major aim in this region is meeting the UDA officials to spearhead for the support in his presidential bid. He also aimed to lead a meeting held by leaders from Turkana, Karamoja, Nyangatom and Dassanach. The meeting was to witness the signing of peace agreement within the community.

Conflicts among pastoral communities have always been about resources. To tame the problem, and facilitate peace, we are engaging stakeholders to jointly come up with sustainable interventions that will address water and pasture shortage.

Led a consultative meeting of leaders from Turkana, Karamoja, Nyangatom and Dassanach and witnessed the signing of a peace pact among representatives of communities residing at the border of Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia at Lodwar Town, Turkana County.


Dp Ruto Posts.

Leaders who accompanied Ruto are

From the Twitter acknowledgement Deputy President listed all leaders that accompanied him to the function. He lists 3 Governors present Hon Nanok from Turkana, Hon Kip from Baringo and Governor Mandago from Baringo.

Other leaders present were the Members of Parliament like Hon Daniel Epuyo Nanok of Turkana West, Malachy Ekal Imana of Turkana, and Joyce Emanikor from Turkana, Christopher Nakuleu (Turkana North), James Lomenen (Turkana South), Mohammed Ali Lokiru (Turkana East), Hon AdenDuale (Garissa Town) and Kimani Ichungwah fom Kikuyu.

Others leaders including from Uganda were.:

  • MPs Emmanuel Komol,
  • Albert Lokoru,
  • Locap Peterkhen,
  • Micah Lolem,
  • Philiphs Lokwang,
  • Hillary Lokwang,
  • Ben Baatom,
  • John Ngoya Bosco and
  • Peter Abrahams Lokii from Uganda

He is expected to close officially the yearly convention in Turkana that brings the Communities within the region to enhance on peace and unity.

Garissa MP Hon. Aden Duale who used this podium praises Governor Nanok for his good work in the region.

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