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Dennis Mutara Biography, Age, Family, and Songs Today

Who is Dennis Mutara?

Dennis Mutara is a renowned Kenyan Kikuyu singer. He is a popular musician who hails from Kikuyu community with popular hit songs like ‘Tigana na Andu’.

Dennis Mutara was born in Murang’a. He has not yet published his age and date of birth to the public.

He is a married man to Susan Kigathi. The two have been together for a while. Despite their health challenges, the couples have been stuck together.

Dennis Mutara has been ailing for a while after being involved in a road accident. This is the main reason that crossed Dennis out of the limelight. After the accident, the music star was advised to go back to his origin home in Murang’a where he has been staying with his mother.


After falling a victim of depression, Dennis Mutara fell into drug addiction, and he is now battling to get out.

According to the sources, Dennis Mutara has been admitted to Avenue Hospital for detoxification and later on going through rehabilitation.

Tambua Africa wishes him quick recovery.

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