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Controversial Lawyer Miguna Miguna Slams Kuria Over GMOs Importation

It is reckless and irresponsible for Kenya Kwanza to Import GMOs. A controversial Lawyer Miguna Miguna Slams Trade Ministry lead by Moses Kuria for hinting to allow GMO products into Kenya.

Cs Kuria said the only way to help the nation access enough food is through allowing GMOs in the County. A section of politicians who saw no need have hit back the Cabinet Secretary saying it is reckless.

Miguna Miguna who was allowed back into the country has also hit back harder on his saviour saying his government is reckless on matters national health.

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It was recently noted that President William Ruto allowed and facilitated Migunas Comeback and so he has no right to oppose his government.


“I say a firm NO to the mad rush to import GMO Maize and other foods to Kenya. I believe that it’s irresponsible and amounts to recklessness on the part of the Kenya Kwanza government.” – Miguna Miguna, Advocate

On the other hand, Cs Moses Kuria has answered saying it is completely callous for rich idlers and Twitterati with a bowl of pizza and fishfingers to continue attacking GMO policy while Hustlers are dying of hunger and poisoned donkey meat. Kuria says they will burn in hell.

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