Chrispinus Sifuna conditions Naitiri Sugar company on Vacancies and Employment Criteria

Mr Chrispinus Sifuna tells off West Kenya to employ 70% Residents or he paralyses its operations. Sifuna is Kimilili Bungoma North KNUT Secretary and Naitiri Kabuyefwe Ward MCA Aspirant.

He is Very bitter on how the yet to start its operations Sugar Company is Vetting Outsiders for employment not considering the local residents. He spoke out his mind to a funeral congregation in Makhanga Market.

He points out the law that states, a 70% employment to the people from the locality. He says from the lost he saw from the company he was shocked since very few slots we awarded to people from within while many were coming from far.

He also says no clear indication of where a person comes from is included on the form. He also noticed the the officer in the employment office is not a resident but is a Wanga who comes from Sibale.

He says that kind of official may not consider the demands of Naitiri people. He finishes by sending a turf message to the Company CEO

“If nothing is corrected, west kenya won’t start its Operations.”

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