Choffuri Movies: Best Luhya Comedian Choffuri Official Salary

Choffuri Salary

Choffuri is a famous Luhya Comedian making alot of money on YouTube. Since YouTube pays content creators he is aim to be earning a lot of money since he has a big following and he gathers a lot of views within a short period of time as part of the upload of the new video.

He grew famous when he started creating luhya movies that were loved by many many luhya people from the western region part of Kenya.

Tambua Africa is working tirelessly and making efforts to reach these highly talented artist and have a conversation with him on how much he is paid by YouTube on monthly basis.

Choffuri is a bukusu comedian who comes from bungoma. Some of the other comedians coming from the western part of Kenya are the likes of MULAMWA.

Choffuri movies

His movies are quite good and they can be watched with no age restriction since they are full of comedy and they create laughter which is an additional health advisory from the doctors. Most of his fans have urged him to join Churchill show and grow his Talent.

Choffuri official

Whenever Tambua Africa reaches this top comedian it will be able to share his contacts with the public after getting his consent and go ahead.

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