Zora Citizen Tv Today is one of the television live shows that keep Kenyans glued to television, YouTube while others Livestream on Viusasa.

Zora citizen tv show fans keep close follow up not to miss any moment of the show. Just after Fellah resumed his immoral practices, everyone’s eyebrows are higher to see which will be Zora’s next step.

Many of the show lovers are privileged although the blind and deaf are disadvantaged as the show is only Audio visual. This is the reason why Tambua Africa tries to write the written updates to make it understood by many as they connect with the original display on TV.

In Zora Citizen Tv 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th, February 2022 we will be updating the episode 1 and 2 in English also to broaden the show love to the English people. They can read as they follow the Swahili show on Citizen tv just to make sure they understand what is happening.

Tambua Africa plays gives African made to grow and develop talents in the country. We also try to enable the shows are known to the world just like the Hollywood movies and the other popular BollyWood movies

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