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CBC Evaluation Report on Junior Secondary School Transition from Grade 6 to Grade 7

President William Ruto issues directions on the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). According to the evaluation report President William Ruto has directed stake holders not to use KPSEA examination to determine Junior Secondary School placement of Learners.

President Ruto has instructed the use of KPSEA to scrutinize and assess the learning progress of the learners. This will help to provide feedback to the Education sector players on area that require improvement and learners competency.

He gave a directive that Grade 7, 8 and grade 9 be domiciled in primary schools. President however promised to build laboratories within one year.

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Members of Parliament have been called upon to provide support for construction of extra facilities. For the time being, primary schools close to secondary schools have been encouraged to share laboratories.


On the issue of teaching skills, the government will ensure teachers are equipped with necessary skills that will enable deliver CBC lessons based on system principles.

Ruto’s administration to employ 30,000 teachers by January 2023 to assist in CBC transition while addressing the current teacher shortage in the country.

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