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Butere Boys High School Closed after over Food poisoning cases

Kakamega: 4th April 2023, Butere Boys High School Closed over suspected food poisoning cases.

Close to 100 learners from Butere Boys High School have been hospitalized after allegedly consuming unsafe food.

This has led to indefinite closure of the boys’ school to unidentified date.

According to the text shared by the school leadership to the parents, the school had an outbreak of stomach problems. It has, however, been established that learners start developing Cholera like symptoms, including vomiting, diarrhoea, and dehydration.

Communication by Butere Boys High School management

“This is to inform you that your son has been sent home due to an outbreak of stomach problems leading to diarrhoea

Once the Public Health Officers give us a report declaring the school safe for your son, we shall recall them back. Bear with us.”


Butere Boys High School Closed after another school, Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls High School, in the same county in Kakamega, was closed indefinitely following the death of two students.

More to follow…..

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