In Sultana Citizen Tv for 1st April 2022, we encounter Bi Ua and Asya at home in the mansion. Thus is after Major Jabali leaves for a meeting. He is the chairman for all milk producers in the region.

As he left, Jabali requested Asya to take care of his wife. He even asked her to execute her responsibilities including giving Ua medicine. Bi Ua has been believed to be sick and affected after giving birth. In real sense she claims she is 100 percent OK.

Asya gives Bi Ua Medicine. The major mistake is that she did not observe as Bi Ua swallows the tablets. Bi Ua uses the opportunity to keep the medicine away and she decides to pretend being asleep.

Asya returns to confirm is Bi is Totally asleep. She tries to test her temperature with touches but Bi Ua pretends not to feel anything. Asya leaves the room with soundless steps not knowing behind Bi Ua is just watching her.

After Asya leaves Next move for Bi Ua is to get out of the house. Her venue and next moves will be updates from Sultana Monday episode.

Bi Ua of Sultana citizen tv show

Sultana Citizen Tv show Today is the current most watched TV series in Kenya. Its next Episode is normally uploaded on Viusasa where fans can watch ahead of the normally TV premiere.

The next Episode will be aired on 4th April 2022 on Citizen Tv exactly after Nipashe news. 7.30Pm

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