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Betting: Wining Tips Today 2021

Betting is an online gambling habit that many young and old, women and men have treasured in Kenya and across the world. Many have made the as their side Hustle. Betting has enabled gamblers to make some extra money to sustain them through this hard life.

That being the main purpose others have put these are the main source of income in their day-to-day life. They have taken betting at their morning evening 12:00 midnight full-time job in which and it is something that betting companies have discouraged for those who venture themselves into this activity.

Since betting is just a lack of win and lose activity one should not put in a lot of effort and mind since it can lead to many mind problems and health problems in case you don’t succeed or you don’t win the bet.

In case you want to start betting you have to visit an advisor and the only advice he or she will give you in that betting is addictive and you should do it responsibly.


Last year 2020 and the other years we witnessed many people and more so pupils and school going students using their school fees in wholesomely just to make a lot of profit for themselves before they can clear their fee areas.

And their dream never came through because they never won the bet or their game predictions according to their selections. Just imagine stacking 10000 on a given bet and having a possible win of 10 million. After using 10000 in your mind you fix up that you must win the bet. This is something that nobody will ever guarantee you from the betting companies.

And when the games are going on you start imagining the teams you have selected winning and you winning 10 million. From the livescoreresults maybe you selected for betting tips and matches that you staked on. The first bet wins the second wins the third prediction wins and by bad luck the 4th prediction losses.

What do you expect? From betting you start developing ulcers, you start developing unexpected stress, you start using things that you’re not using for example alcohol, you start skiving lessons, you start misunderstanding with your family, you lose your fee payers Trust and you also lose 10000 on betting what do you expect?

You expect normal life to go on and muscle many start spending a lot of money visiting them guidance and counselling sessions and others end up losing hope in life because of a simple thing not betting responsibly.

Our betting tip of the day the year 2021 is bet responsibly, steak wisely end expect anything any results from the betting companies and in your mind food in this quote it is not a must that you win a bet

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