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Best Tv and Radio Stations in Kenya in 2021 – Report

Based from our own my own assumptions and research i have come up with a list of the best TV stations in the Country Kenya. The research done and monitored by TAMBUA AFRICA was based on the popularity and relevance of the station. I had to engage members of the public on the grounds who listen to the radio stations and watch the TV. Our questionnaire also based on the shows the public are aware of and their respective media.

I also had to ask QUESTIONS on some of the presenters and news reporters or any other relevant information they could be aware of. For example a question like – Who is Mzazi Willy M Tuva? Some were able to answer correctly who he is and in which TV station or Radio station he works. But others could hardly even identify who he is.

Best Tv and Radio Stations in Kenya in 2021 - Report

The other determiner on how best a station is was also linked to its shows and how educative or effective to the current generation putting in mind that most consumers are the youth.

After the interviews and comprehensive analysis i came to a conclusion with a list of TV stations and radio stations found in the country.



  1. Citizen TV
  2. NTV
  3. K24
  4. KTN
  5. KBC
  6. KISS TV
  7. Inoro TV
  8. Ramogi Tv
  9. West TV
  10. Y254

Top 10 Radio Stations in Kenya

  1. Radio Citizen
  2. Milele Fm
  3. KBC radio Taifa
  4. KISS Fm
  5. Kameme Fm
  6. Radio Jambo
  7. Ghetto Radio
  8. Homeboyz Radio
  9. Kass Fm
  10. Nation Fm


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