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How to become an actor like Zora / Maria on Citizen Tv – Be paid Handsomely

How to nurture your Talent


Zora and Maria are part of the most watched Telenovela programmes in Kenya. Maria came first before paving way for the Hottest Zora.

Maria characters

  1. Maria
  2. Luwi
  3. Mama dollar
  4. William Hausa
  5. Madam Vicky
  6. Victor
  7. Brenda
  8. Sailas
  9. Mejja
  10. Ruffian
  11. Father
  12. Sister
  13. Bondi

Zora characters

  1. Zora
  2. Fellah
  3. Madiba
  4. Zalena
  5. Kwame
  6. Hamidah
  7. Master
  8. Simba
  9. Nana
  10. Loretta

These are just but few characters. They are the people who are highly talented and have been praying to ever act on a national Television. Just to let you know every body is Talented in each way.


Yasmin, How did you realise that you can act?

“I realized my talent when is was still in primary school. I used to perform in Drama and festivals to the nations. After school I over heard that Rashid Abdala was holding Auditions for a certain show that was to be aired on Citizen Tv.

Zora Citizen Tv today's Episode
Citizen Tv

I went and tried a given role MARIA I tried and remember it was a major role. Just to my shock with little expectations, I got the chance.” She said

From her story we came to a conclusion that all the characters also followed the same path since in acting there are no shortcuts.


To the many Talented Kenyans out there, ,, we encourage you once you hear of the auditions it is good to go and try. You may never know you have the qualifications of the characters that is being searched for.

Remember as Zora continues to unfold we Rashid should be on the run preparing for what will take over.

Tambua Africa will always be here to update you on the auditions once the news unfold.

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