Aunty Loretta is not known to be master mind behind Zora’s attack and loss of her pregnancy. Zora knew this and passed the information to her husband as she was receiving medical care in hospital.

At first Fellah was hesitant over the information saying Loretta is a drama lady but cannot afford being this dangerous. Although Fellah loves Loretta but he may be forced to do anything bad just to proof his love to Zora too.

This is was back know as the show started that Fellah is not a good person to an extent of being called Ghost. Fellah is also known to the police as a person who does not follow the law and can easily take the law into his hands.

We come to learn about this after he tries to incorporate the police in investigation to uncover who attacked Zora. The police agree to carry a private investigation but will not share the information with him in Zora Citizen Tv Show Today’s full episode.

Fellah Told about Loretta
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