As the year 2021 ends Tambua Africa News wishes you a happy New year 2022 full of Success and prosperity.

We will be also continue analysing and providing written updates to the most beloved Tv Show in the country.

As the year 2021 ends the show continues hitting its climax. Everything is at its pick not knowing where and where the show will end. From the flow of Episodes and the literature drown from the previous Maria Citizen Tv Show, the play ended unexpectedly.

Relating to the current season of Zora We can also conclude that the show is not far from its end. Coming 2022 all viewers are promised to expect a lit show full of emotions and heartbreaks. The show will also be packed with secret disclose and lined arrest.

You may be asking yourself why arrest. Take note that in the show many crimes have been committed.

1. Madiba’s accident has never been investigated after the Detective investigating the matter was killed by Zalena. Madiba caused the death of his wife after consuming alcohol and driving which is against the Road safety rules and regulations.

2. Kwame killed his wife Alma. Although it was unexpected but with the help of his mother they were able to fake an accident.

3. Ogola and Hodan are on a mission to uncover illegal business in the Chibale’s. After they have gathered enough information then this may lead to arrest in the show.

4. Oliver’s Killer who happens to be Talia and Boaz may also be discovered and arrested.

5. Fellah not being left out. His passed may hound him. Fellah was involved by Mr Chibale in dirty politics. He also killed Madiba’s father.

6. Nana and Milton also got involved in the wash wash business. Wash Wash is an illegal business that is used by people to acquire riches within a twinkle of an eye. Being an illegal business it may also lead to the arrest of the two. Others involved in this were, Papa Terence Creative aka Freddy and his lover together with Zalena.

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