Zora Citizen Tv show is the winning tv show even before there is a competition. It is aired on Citizen Tv just after Nipashe news on weekly basis and its Omnibus on Saturday.

Zora Omnibus: is a repeat of the previous episodes that have been already watched throughout the week. The Omnibus show if zora takes its exclusive airtime on Saturdays from 5pm to 7pm. This helps those who may have not followed the show have an update over the same.

Viusasa also offers a chance for the show lovers to watch the previous episodes as well as one more ahead of everyone else The show may have not been played on TV yet.

Zora Tv Show is always categorised according to full episodes, comprising of daily two part that is Part 1 and 2.

Characters in the show are also well talented. Speaking about Zora cast, starting from the staring Her self Zora to the minor role players like Mkuu who appears few times.

Main Actors in Zora Citizen Tv with their online biographies include, Zora, Madiba, Nana, Zalena and Fellah. Just on how much money and Salary they earn remains the biggest question but their talent makes them alot of money.

Zora citizen tv Live can also be another alternative incase ove misses any information. But in connection to that written updates can also help you cover what you may have lost.

Zora citizen Tv, 17th, 18th, 21st and 22nd written updates will be available immediately they are uploaded on Viusasa. Viusasa, the first employer to the Kenyan talents that pay handsomely.

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