Akothee Current Husband OMOSH Drives singer into uncontrolled tears

Singer and Controversial lover Akothee is in love. Speaking to her followers, Akothee expressed how it has been a long time to ever experience unconditional love.

Flaunting with her new husband Omosh, Akothe says for the past 40 years she has never felt like a woman. She always had to be like a man standing by herself in all Circumstances.

“Everything I missed In my entire 40 years of life , to feel vulnerable,loved , appreciated & protected ,I have always missed being A woman most of the times I felt like A man, having to stand for myself all the times”

At the Moment, Akothee is relieved by Omosh who is her current husband. He is a jovial and loving man who has proven it to the Hao hit maker Akothee.

“Leo unasikia, honey I will fix it , honey consider it done all I needed Just A man in control ,this one is no nonsense Mr Omosh I love you.” She says.

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