1. Talia is Not Alma.

Talia a character in Zora Tv show now to face Kwame and prove she is Not Alma. The girl has been playing a revenge role after her sister being killed by Kwame. She impersonated her self to be the late Alma but now Kwame has proved courageous to face his wife. She tries to tell off she is not Alma but Kwame plays safe and still insists she is his wife.

Talia her self is not aware of what Kwame knows. She also informs Zora after visiting. Talia speaks to her sisters grave apologising for not accomplishing the revenge mission but its time to out wear the Alma mission and face the reality as Talia.

2. Fellah Responsible for Pregnancy.

Talia had asked Fellah’s support in the revenge mission or shade light to his wife Zora on Alma’s Pregnancy. This information did not even shock fellah. He went ahead and warned Boaz to advice his daughter over the same.

Talia still gains courage to face Zora and informs her on Who is responsible for Alma’s pregnancy. It is also revealed Alma was pregnant with twins.

3. Zora Doesn’t care about the past.

Zora treats any information she gets from the passed differently. She doesn’t seem to be shocked or worried with any information concerning her husband or family.

Zora after receiving information about Alma’s pregnancy, she tells off Talia even congratulating her sister for sacrificing her womb to make her husband happy and secure marriage.

This kind of reaction was not expected by Talia. Talia after the disappointment, she slaps Zora.

4. Kwame knows Talia is Not Alma.

Kwame is using Talia’s pretence in the show against herself. He storms Boaz mansion requesting for his wife. After being allowed to see Talia he acts like in reality it is Alma.

The Two Boaz and Talia are now worried since Kwame notified to be coming back for his wife the same place and time. The Bold question is, Who will they present to him as his Wife?

5. Pipi Feels Bad hanging out with a happy Family.

Fellah the family for an adventure. In this case Pipi is also part of their family. He came in after Fidi his mother requested because of her health status.

But he doesn’t appear happy more so when he sees Simba happy playing with his family. Pipi is emotional since his mother is critically ill at the same time his father is jailed.

6. Zora Loves Fellah

From the current surprises, Tambua Africa News can now conquer with the fans that Zora loves Fellah. This is after the recent actions she has been offering to her husband despite the destruction from the passed lifestyle and Loretta’s interference.

But time will tell as we continue following Zora Citizen Tv show On weekdays Monday to Friday at 7.30PM to 8.10 PM. The shows full episode is also shared on Viusasa where you can watch the next season’s Full Episode ahead of the TV.

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