Sultana Citizen Tv Today for 23rd November 2022 Full Episode Part 1 and 2 written update hints.

Sultana Citizen Tv is a show that keeps Kenyans glued on Tv and remotes kept far away exactly at 7:30 PM for approximately 30 minutes.

The show is about a blind lady who was pronounced dead at birth having been born of a man obsessed with a male heir.

Here are some hints to dominate in Sultana Citizen Tv 23rd November 2022 Full Episode 29th and 30th.

1. Maria and Buya

Maria although bored with Buya but tirelessly works her best to ensure the old man is comfortable and attended to. She goes extra miles to collect old bottles which she sells as scrap materials but the money is too little compared to her need.

2. Maria and Obaro

Obaro is the boss in the region. He calls himself the gover. Obaro after snatch the only 50 Bob from Maria now Opens room for more conflicts between the two in Sultana 23rd. Obarao took the money from Maria claiming she must pay tax to the government.

3. Dida to step out and look for Buya

Dida is only convinced beyond doubt that her father is still alive. All she needs is resources, money to go out and look for him. She requests Major but her mother remains a stumbling block to her objective.

In Sultana 23rd shall see how smart she pays to save her father as Fatima plans to burry a banana trunk in absence of Buya’s body.

4. Bi Salama, Kokan, Sultana

Bi Salama’s conversation with Kokan concerning Sultana’s divorcing Jj and engagement to Kokan will be hot.

In Sultana 23rd November 2022, We will see how Sultana will react to her mother, Guardian Salama after disagreement with Kokan.

We will disclose on which side Sultana leans on, is it her mother Salama or she is drunk with Kokans love.

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