Part 1

Alma reappear to Kwame. She fist called through his number. “HELLO BEB.” She said.

As the show begins we find Kwame totally confused. But this does not make any meaning to Loretta. She terms is as confusion brought by to much wealth at a young age.

Happenings in the show include

  1. Zora advices Nana.
  2. Nana proves she is Chibale through Marriage.
  3. Baba Zora pays Mama zora.
  4. This happens after the witchcraft Mama Zora did.
  5. She first calls him a traitor.
  6. Baba Zora apologises.
  7. His wife waits for him patiently.
  8. Kwame Flashbacks what happened before the death and burial of Alma.
  9. Kwame on the other side shouts that he did not kill

As Kwame shouts about not killing this is taken differently by Auntie Loretta. “You killed my brother, that is why he is hounting you.” She puts everyone in the triangle of Oliver’s death.

  1. Kwame
  2. Yolah for threatening her
  3. Zalena for Protecting
  4. Madiba for remaining silent.

Other things happening in Zora citizen tv show

  1. Hogan advises Nana to do an abortion. She also urges her to follow Zoras advice of which Nana declines and walkes away.
  2. Alma Calls again and Zalena receives. She now knows what Kwame is saying is true.
  3. Baba Zora doesn’t pick his wife’s phone call.
  4. He likes Mama Zora’s meal and Love.
  5. He goes back home and lies to his wife.
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