Madiba and Kwame discussion on Nana and Ogola
Kwame and Madiba discussing

Zora Citizen Tv News hit the heads of viewers and major actors after finding out some secrets that remained hidden before. Some of the truths that have come to light is how Ogola has been spying on the Chibale’s and to what degree Madiba fell in love with Zora.

The truth Madiba had acquired from the house girl Neema disturbed him so much. Madiba related this with how he ambushed Nana in his bedroom checking on his late wife photos. Madiba tries to figure out and join experiences to link everyone including Nana, Neema, Zora, Fellah, Hodan and Ogola into the spying mission against their family.

Disturbed Madiba is now in custody of secret and the only way to get out of it is through sharing with his only brother Kwame.

Kwame Is Shocked on how Madiba fell in love with Zora

Kwame who lived knowing Madiba’s love with Zora started during the wedding day is proved wrong. This is after Madiba discloses how the two met in the cemetery where he had gone to check on his late wife. Coincidentally he met Zora who had also come to check on her late brother. In the event Zora was too emotional and collapsed.

Their love started after Madiba assisted by offering her First Aid and taking her to the hospital. Kwame doesn’t believe Madiba had kept all this to himself.

“Ogola is a SPY.” Kwame told

Kwame and Madiba discussing How Ogola had been spying on them

Kwame is brought to understanding how Ogola has been spying on them. This sounds very strange to him after reflecting on who Ogola is to the Chibale’s understanding and how he had fooled them. This reminds them of how Madiba come to employ Neema. He may have done one mistake that he may not have planned in entire family issues.

Todays sounding a day for truth discovery The two also discuss how Milton and Nana got involved in the WASH WASH business and lost alot of money. This links to the money their Mother had in her huge bag. They come to a conclusion Zalena is the one who corned Milton.

From the truth Kwame decides to face Ogola and confirm the allegations. Ogola without knowledge on what Kwame is upto asks many questions that link to interrogation. This exactly portrays him as a person doing some undercover investigations. Kwame revokes all the questions but resolves to Madiba, Ogola is a Spy.

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