Today we are discussing why Zora all-over sudden Loves Fellah despite mistreatment in the past. It should be noted that Zora doesn’t love Fellah. Whatever she is displaying is just but pretence. We all know Zora is a lady of circumstances.

Zora cannot be trusted in love matters at all. We noticed this when she changed her mind on Madiba even after introducing him to her father. She can’t also consider the state Madiba was in even after breaking his marriage with Nana.

The only Major reason why Zora is showing love to Fellah is because of her son Simba. Remember Simba was once living with her mother in ghetto after breaking up with his father. Fellah used all means to make zora suffer. He tried many times including child kidnapping.

Fellah used a fake court order that gave her no option but to release Simba to his father. Zora started visiting but the kind of life Fellah was upbringing her son wasn’t appealing. Zora had no option but to reconcile with Fellah. She did this in order to be close to her Son.

The other reason why Zora today loves her Husband is because of the change. Fellah has recently portrayed some change in his behaviour. Fellah changed from drunkenness and now embraces positive life.

As it is historical, one dreams what runs through his or her mind. Zora truly loves Madiba. From her dreams we now know zora is in deep pain having Fellah as her husband and her only medicine her true love.

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