Sultana Citizen TV Show is a Kenyan television Movie series. It depicts a blind lady Sultana who was born blind(Check Out her Biography). She is blessed with ability to detect something even though she lacks ability to see. Sultana is able to sense if someone is close to her by smelling.

The poor girl’s biological mother is Bi Ua. Bi Ua during her labor pains lost consciousness. She had stayed for a long time waiting for the family doctor. After they lost hope in the doctors whereabouts, an idea to seek midwife’s help came up. this is when Bi Salama was invited and she offered her services as expected.

Unfortunately the baby Major Jabali was expecting was not the one. Major Jabali was Expecting a baby boy. Asya developed some fear of Major. She could even predict what will happen after he gets information about the child. In the same dilemma state, Bi Salama realizes The new born baby is dead. This happens to be double trouble to the two. Fortunately or Unfortunately Bi Salama had assisted another woman give birth but in the event she died.

Bi Salama proposes to have the Child for Bi Ua. As all this was happening she it totally asleep. Bi Salama exchanges the girl child with the baby boy. All this turns to be a total mess after it come to their realization that Baby Sultana was not dead.

Bi Salama decides to take care of the child until now she is a big grownup and stubborn girl. Sultana now complains she doesn’t what formal education offered by Dr Kokani. (Later we will be looking at Kokani’s Biography).

This Citizen Tv Show is one among the most viewed shows in the country Kenya. The script is is well planned to make sure those with Literature skills to bit their mind while uncovering what may transpire in future.

The reason behind every literature work is to educate the society. That is why you will agree with me that all that is happening in Sultana Citizen Tv Show is a Mirror to what is happening in the society.


Here i will break down some of the key lessons you should learn from Sultana Series.

  1. Learn to share with the poor in the community.
  2. Physically disabled humans should be given equal opportunity.
  3. Always give a try to what you think you can do best.
  4. Never force your daughter or son to marry someone he or she has no feeling for.
  5. Do not waster a lot of food to feed the dynasties while the poor are dying of hunger.
  6. No secrete shall remain undisclosed no matter how long it takes.
  7. A good relationship is always built on consensus a mutual agreement.
  8. Talent Pays
  9. Do not give too much pressure to your children it kills their self esteem.
  10. You can contribute to this list in the comment section.


As you continue enjoying the show now you have a clue of what it it all about. Sultana citizen Tv Show is a Giffy media creations. The mastermind behind it Is Lulu Hassan. Lulu Hassan is a New anchor. She is a wife to the co worker Rashid Abdalla. The two work at Royal media services under which Citizen TV falls.

Apart from being aired live on a national television, Fans can also access and watch the latest episodes on Viusasa. Viusasa is a digital platform on which you can watch videos, listen to audio music, read some trending news and also get other services like ViuPay.

On Tambua africa we share the latest Sultana Citizen Tv shows, Today and tomorrow’s full episodes, Written updates, actors and biography.

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