When one is watching a video or any form of play, he or is expected to learn some morals be it good or bad. From Zora Citizen Tv show we have different characters portrayed in different ways.

As parents keep on watching and following the seasons, they are advised to be cautious but let their children too watch since it is very much educative. This is why the show is rated PG.

Some of the characters we learn are listed here:

1. Honest: People who married are required to be honest. Just like Zalena was not honest in her marriage this has come to haunt her marriage and good relationship with Oliver. We also encounter Kwame cheating on his wife With Yola something that lead to her death. Many characters like Fellah too has shown some dishonesty to his wife Zora.

2. Leadership: Oliver is a bad family leader. He hates Madiba just because of Love.

3. Brotherhood: Kwame shows some Brotherhood after requesting his father to return back Madiba to their house. This shows some Brotherhood.

4. Dictatorship: Yola becomes a Dictatorship after gaining authority in Oliver’s House. She orders workers with no respect or their feelings at heart.

5. Polite: Politeness is also a good trait in the show. Zora, Madiba, Hodan, lilah and Fillah are polite.

6. Sorry: Auntie Loretta is sorry to madiba after being sent away by Oliver.

7. Kind: Zora’s father is a kind man.

8. Self Sacrifice: Zalena sacrificed himself for politics and family gain. She just got married to Oliver so that her father could benefit from their marriage.

9. Self-control: Oliver lacks Self-control. Madiba too lacked self control after fighting with his younger brother KWAME

10. Gratitude:

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